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We typically offer exclusive, customized tours all around Japan, for a half-day (up to 4 hours maximum), full-day (up to 8 hours) or overnight. Here is a list of our guide fees for a full-day tour.

Please note in advance that the cost may change depending on the number of people and the length of the day.


Private Guide Fees (8 hours)

No charge for itinerary making, hotel booking assistance, and transportation arrangements. Please feel free to inquire!

1-5 Guests 35,000 JPY

6-9 Guests 40,000 JPY 

10-15 guests 50,000 JPY

16-19 guests 60,000 JPY

20 or more guests  70,000 JPY

This price includes guiding fee for a licensed tour guide.

This price excludes transportation, entry fees, and food/drinks.

An additional guide fee for another 2 hours is 5,000 JPY per group.


Booking Procedures - How the Booking Works


1. Contact us to create your customized itinerary for your trip to Japan.

2. Book your private guide online, with a low deposit. We accept Paypal/credit cards.

3. Enjoy your special day with our guide!

Image by Chris Lawton
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